Classification of gift box forming machines

No hot melt adhesive machine gift box forming machine is selected PLC programmable remote controller, photoelectric tracking system software, touch screen industrial touch screen, perform paper feeding, gluing, cardboard forming sticker four corners, automatic leading, into the box, hemming strip, folding cat and folding into the molding posture at one time. With compact structure, easy operation and faster speed, it is integrated into large, medium and small packaging enterprises.

Gift box molding machine with hot melter has the following advantages:

(1)Paper fully automatic flying transport part.

(2) Hot sol automatic circulation system, mixing and gluing system software.

(3) Automatic transportation and division equipment of hot sol tape, one-time cardboard inner box four-corner sticking work.

(4) The lower side of the conveyor belt is equipped with a vacuum pump suction fan, and the actual operation of the rubber tissue will not produce relative offset.

(5) The rubber paper and cardboard inner box are selected with hydropneumatic correction system, which can accurately position and cater to the deviation ± 0.5mm.

(6) The carton forming part automatically deducts the carton to the forming part according to the transportation condition of the carton above the conveyor belt.

No hot melted gift box forming machine has the following advantages:

(1) The mechanical equipment is automatically adjusted, sorted and leveled by the brush on the four sides, and automatically feeded.

(2) Respiratory equipment, so that the carton is firmly sucked on the abrasive.

(3) Easy operation, two-layer commercial insurance maintenance, automatic transmission, start/automatic experiential teaching.

(4) AC motor speed regulation, according to the operator to grasp the operation speed.

Gift box forming machine is one of the indispensable equipment for making cartons, which mainly includes carton forming machines with hot melt adhesive machine and carton forming machine without hot melt adhesive machine on the market. In the article, today we will first send everyone to understand the advantages of the carton forming machine:

Fully automatic gift box forming machine

1. Select the stepper drive system software, which can automatically and quickly adjust the abrasive effect.

2. Photoelectric system, choose automatic cover box function.

3. Automatic credit card automatic paper feeding, continuous paper feeding, edging strips, ear inside telescopic, forming and stretching.

4. Motor driver is applied to the gift box forming machine. Servo drive system. Photoelectric tracking system software for detection and execution of the system. Touch display industrial touch screen to automate the whole process of carton generation.

5. The automation system adopts PLC control, touch display industrial touch screen, basic parameters and problems indicate, easy to operate.

6. Abrasive tool interchange application has a storage role, high-speed CNC machine tools.

Post time: Mar-07-2023