Exhibition product information

Printing South China 2023 Exhibition
Time: March 2-4, 2023
Location: Guangzhou • China
Company Name: Zhejiang Horda Intelligent Equipment Co.,Inc.
Booth No. : 3.1D25
Booth area : 156.00 sq.m

Participating companies: Changrong, Jinbao, Hongming, Guowang, Zhongke, Horda, Xinwei, Kelei, Delagen, Shiheng, Shengtu, Xinluolan, Shengtian, Ounuo, Zhuoneng, Daqiao, Ruida, Huashu, etc. (in no particular order).

Machine on display:
Equipment 1
ZFM-700E Automatic Visual Positioning Cover Machine

Model ZFM-700E
Maximum product specifications 450mm*720mm
Minimum product specifications 90mm*180mm
Cardboard thickness 1.0~4.0mm
Paper thickness 105~210g
Production speed 25~40pcs/min
Overall machine power 20KW
Total weight 5000kg
Center plate minimum width 8mm
Dimensions 8800*3000*1800mm
Positioning accuracy ≤±0.15mm

ZFM-700E automatic visual positioning cover machine adopts new technology and technology such as special feeding for printing press, precise positioning of high precision camera, rapid plate delivery by manipulator, edge wrapping of special mechanical structure, etc., to automatically complete the face paper feed, cardboard conveying positioning, corner playing, four bread edge, automatic receiving and other processes. The machine adopts the motion controller system, the response speed is fast, the performance is stable, the highest speed can reach 40 / min. Can do two short sides minimum 18mm, and can complete the double head shaped sealing edge.
Equipment 2
ZDH-700 Collapsible Box Wings Making Machine
It can finish the process of paper feeding, gluing, board feeding, positioning, folding, and box-forming automatically. Folding box made by dis machine, occupies 80% less space TEMP than three-dimension box, not only greatly save transport cost, but also avoid getting deformed and damaged.

Model ZDH-700K
Maximum specifications 180mm*700mm
Minimum specifications 55mm*200mm
Intermediate plate thickness 1.0~3.0mm
Side plate thickness 0.5~2.0mm
paper thickness 100~200g
Production speed 15-25pcs/min
Overall machine power 20KW
Dimensions 7400*2500*1500mm
Total weight 3500kg
Positioning error ±0.25mm

Post time: Feb-18-2023