Gift box molding machine is widely used in various industries

Gift box molding machine is widely used in various industries, so the main use is still very common, in fact, gift box molding machine is very different from technology, but also has the same effect, such as blank pressing, folding, pressing bubbles, etc. Carton forming is widely used in the packaging industry and is an indispensable machine and equipment carton manufacturing in the packaging industry. At present, the market mainly includes hot sol and non-hot sol gluing machines and carton forming machines. In fact, the whole equipment occupies a small area and has high stability during use. The stepper drive system software is selected, which has the effect of automatic and rapid mold adjustment. The gift box forming machine also has a fully automatic diagnosis of common failures. High-speed CNC with monitoring function is selected for mold change. The advantages of the machine are mainly reflected in other places, such as automatic card feeding, continuous paper feeding, edging strips, forming and telescopic, etc. Photoelectric system, with automatic cover box function, to regularly check the transmission system photoelectric tracking system software, touch display HMI, to automate the whole process of carton molding technology.

In addition, the gift box molding machine also adopts PLC control in the production process, touch display industrial touch screen, basic parameters and problems show that it is easy to operate. The gift box forming machine adopts pneumatic double servo control, which keys the shell and abrasive specifications, and the system automatically adjusts and stores the abrasive. THE SIZE OF THE BOX CAN BE MADE FROM 50MM TO 500MM, WHICH NOT ONLY SAVES HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT, BUT ALSO HAS GREAT SIGNIFICANCE FOR THE DISTRIBUTION OF PRODUCTION AREAS. At this stage, the development prospects of gift box molding machines are very cheerful, along with smoking and drinking, food, medicines, small electrical appliances, skin care products and other market share is also increasing, all to pack boxes, in the full development prospects. Naturally, during the use of automatic paper feeding, heating, automatic closing point, thermoforming (gluing the four corners of the lunch box) and other continuous processes, used to make single-compartment disposable paper lunch boxes, packaging cartons, etc.


When the gift box molding machine is running, first warm the forming cylinder for 5-10min, and when the temperature of the forming cylinder reaches more than 120 °C, press and hold the motor start button. The driving force of the motor is sent to the drive shaft by the transmission belt after the speed is reduced by the wheel shaft, and the transmission shaft pushes the crankshaft, piston rod and punch for repeated movement. After the steam pressure of the gift box forming machine is normal in the work, the biomass raw materials are added to the pouring material, and the biomass raw materials are sucked into the punch rod by the raw material weight and the resulting vacuum pump, and the punch sleeve specifications when the punch rod slides down. For industrial equipment, it is necessary to maintain, the key is and the maintenance of the power supply, usually use to always pay attention to the cleaning of the circuit board, remember to regularly clean the dust in the strong and weak electric box, to keep the power box dry.

Post time: Mar-08-2023