The sales conference of Horda Machinery in 2021

Focus on deep cultivation, forge ahead! From July 23 to 25, ZHE JIANG HORDA INTELLIGENT EQUIPMENT CO.,INC. 2021 annual mid-year summary conference and "Professional Role Cognition" training conference was successfully held in wenzhou headquarters.
Mr. Lin Chaoliang, deputy general manager/Sales Director of Horda Machinery, and the elites of sales department, technical department, after-sales service department and other departments gathered together to share and learn from their sales skills and experience, and also reviewed and summarized the work journey in the first half of the year, looking forward to and deploying the work plan for the second half of the year!


After the efforts of all the marketing officers and soldiers of Horda machinery, the marketing task of Horda machinery exceeded expectations in the first half of the year, and handed in perfect answer sheet for the company.In this meeting, the company also prepared a sales standard training for everyone, summarized and analyzed the pain points and difficulties encountered in the work, and put forward effective solution.


The meeting invited sager education training teacher.The instructors respectively elaborated from the perspective of executive ability and marketing skills, and gave key guidance in advance preparation, confirmation of needs, elaboration of views, handling objections and other aspects.This training not only improves the sales manager's own business ability, but also provides new ideas for promoting the transformation of marketing results.


After a few days of comprehensive training meeting communication, all the participants of Horda Machinery for the second half of 2021 marketing goals are more clear, have a deeper understanding of the working methods, a clearer understanding of the future direction! Look forward to you in the next work, set sail, and create brilliant!

Post time: Jun-03-2019