Brave the wind and waves, meet the future | Horda intelligent “sales performance against the trend growth iron military training camp” a successful conclusion! 

Spread your wings and fit On March 30th, 12 students of Zhejiang Horda Intelligent Equipment Co., INC. successfully completed the "Iron Military training Camp" of cultural and business education, "Sales performance increases against the trend".


This training was attended by Lin Chaoliang, vice general manager and Sales director of Horda Intelligent personally. Ni Caixia, foreign trade manager, served as the team leader, and Hu Changcong, sales manager, served as the political commissar of the team.  Through this stage of training and learning and actual combat simulation, for Horda intelligent to build a comprehensive and efficient professional service team, for brand development to inject new thinking, new vitality has laid a foundation.

For ten consecutive days of fast-paced, tough practice, through online and offline training for assignments, all of the students constantly analysis product market competitive advantages, seize the key breakthrough, both for personal growth, also makes the whole team emerge from 17 enterprises, win the entire third, won two team award, four individual awards.



Lin Chaoliang sales director, said: "the training activities for sales personnel, the cause of the events mainly has three aspects: first, because of the influence of the external environment, the outbreak repeatedly against daily visit customers, we can use this time to practice internal work, improve their professional quality;  Secondly, it is helpful for us to build an elite sales team. This learning course is very helpful to improve our sales process and improve sales ability.  Thirdly, it is helpful to improve team cohesion and work efficiency, and has a great inspiration and promotion role in accomplishing the annual performance target of the team.  Through this study, the whole sales team cohesiveness is stronger, everyone's mental outlook has also changed a lot." 


Above: Learning moments of Horda Intelligent students

Horda,Spread your wings and fit

In the changing tide of The Times, Horda Intelligent through continuous innovation, to create high-quality differentiated products, accurately grasp the market trend, for the market and customers to provide more high appearance level, high quality, cost-effective products.  

In this learning process, all the students in-depth analysis of "product competitiveness", on the existing Horda intelligent product system refined selling points analysis, product advantages and sales applications of a series of practical exercises.  

Through the training of full knowledge, co-creation work, resumption landing, speech PK and other links, let the students have a deeper understanding of the company's product advantages and highlights, improve self-sales ability, strengthen the spirit of cooperation between the team, lay a solid foundation for future sales work.  

"If you learn something, you put it into practice.  In every day's training, we will carefully take notes, and combine product advantages, brand knowledge with sales skills, channel development, etc., to fundamentally improve the team's sales force and service force.  Lin Chaoliang introduced.  

Although the "Iron military training camp" has been successfully completed, according to Lin Chaoliang, Horda Intelligent will continue to carry out regular internal training in the future, with better quality and more refined service to help industry customers, let us continue to ride the wind and waves on the track in 2022, to win the future! 


Mr. Lin Chaoliang, Vice General Manager and Sales Director of Horda Intelligent


Horda,Spread your wings and fit, keep going and never give up!

Gathering potential power, sprint 2022, creat the brilliant future with indomitable courage and the vitality of unremitting struggle.

Post time: Sep-16-2022