The 10th Bei jing International Printing Technol ogy Exhibition

The 10th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as China Print 2021) will be held in the new building of China International Exhibition Center in Beijing from June 23 to 27.


Although affected by the resurgent epidemic in Guangdong, only 140,000 visitors were present during the exhibition, 30% less than the last one, but the online audience lived up to the expectations, with a total of 1.1 million online and offline visitors!During the exhibition, ZHE JIANG HORDA INTELLIGENT EQUIPMENT CO.,INC. (hereinafter referred to as "Horda Intelligent Equipment") made a wonderful appearance in Booth 011 of Hall W2 and achieved good results.


How to embrace the new era of intelligent printing and lead the printing industry to meet the future?How to respond to the challenges of the post-epidemic era?How to bring more intelligent and high-end cover machine to the industry?

Today, Horda will lead a review of the wonderful performance of Horda Intelligent Equipment in China Print 2021. From the on-site display and demonstration of a whole series of products to the supply of a series of intelligent solutions, "Digital, Automatic and Intelligent" is the answer given by Horda Machinery to this exhibition, which is both thinking and presentation.First, let's enjoy a part of the exhibition team's talent show!Horda mechanical version "Beijing welcomes you" dedication for you ~

Technological innovation, enabling a bright future.

At the exhibition site, Zhejiang Horda Intelligent Equipment Co., INC. adhering to the vision of "high-end cover machine professional manufacturer", with core technology and innovative products together with you in Beijing, dialogue industry development.


In a short five-day exhibition, Horda Machinery showed the core technology and product application in the field of high-end cover machines, which aroused a large number of VIP customers' strong interest and deep inquiries! Although the exhibition has come to an end, but horda machinery products and services will never come to an end!Looking forward to meeting all of you next time!


Post time: Apr-29-2022