Media reports | Confidence and value empowerment!  Horda Intelligent at the 2022 South China Printing Exhibition

HORDA 6th,Mar.,2022 20:04

From March 4 to 6, 2022, the South China International Printing Exhibition, China International Label Exhibition, China International Packaging Exhibition, and Packaging Products and Materials Exhibition will be held in Zone A and B of the China Import and Export Fair in Guangzhou with a total exhibition space of 140,000 square meters. 

Zhejiang Horda Intelligent Equipment Co., Inc. made a wonderful appearance in the 2022 Packaging and printing intelligent special Hall, where many well-known post-press processing exhibitors gathered to showcase intelligent automation solutions to help printing and packaging enterprises improve quality, increase production, reduce costs and reduce consumption. 


The products displayed by Horda are two classic devices, namely ZDH-700 collapsible box wings making machine and ZFM-700K fase speed automatic case making machine. 


ZDH-700 collapsible box wings making machineAdopt servo drive, photoelectric positioning, servo correction, servo board and other latest technology and technology, can automatically complete paper feeding, gluing, cardboard feeding, positioning, automatic folding molding and other processes;  In addition, the transportation volume of the collapsible box can be reduced by more than 80%, which not only greatly reduces the transportation cost, but also almost no damage, no deformation, is the ideal choice for the transformation and upgrading of the majority of packaging production enterprises. 


ZFM-700K Fast speed Automatic case making machine has the functions including case making and inner laminating,which adopts motion control system and is equipped with 9 sets of servo systems.This machine speed upto 35 pieces/min,while energy consumption 60% lower.
ZFM-700/900/1000/1350A Automatic case making machine has the functions including case making and inner laminating which adopts PLC control system,and is equipped with 6 sets of servo systems.This machine speed upto 30 pieces/min,while energy consumption 60% lower.



Affected by the epidemic, printing and packaging enterprises in Guangdong province, such as Shenzhen and Dongguan, are limited to visit the exhibition, and visiting groups from other neighboring provinces and cities can not arrive at the scene 100%, which to a certain extent makes the exhibition with fewer visitors.
Mr. Lin Chaoliang, Sales Director of Horda Intelligent, said:  "We have already expected such a scene, but we still insist on participating in this exhibition. First, South China is our main battlefield, and second, we have also done some other publicity. For example, during this exhibition, our partners from International Trade Department will conduct online live broadcast on Facebook platform from 15:30 to 16:30 every afternoon.  And thank you dinners for big customers and technical exchanges, etc."  
"Our sales target this year is higher than last year's and we want to maintain a certain percentage increase.  Although the current market is very difficult, we will still try our best to achieve the goals, mainly through equipment optimization, product upgrading, promoting production line solutions and developing some special markets.  We believe the epidemic will pass and the market will get better and better."  For the market plan, Lin Chaoliang put it this way.



In the field of printing equipment manufacturing in China, Horda Equipment is the best representative of "specializing in the field of segmentation".  This year, Horda Equipment in the field of case making machine deep plough 15 years.  All the way, the achievement of China case making machine field "stealth champion".
Focus on the field of case making machine, Horda intelligent master the core technology.  Over the years, Horda Intelligenhas been through equipment technology innovation, to help customers create more value space, and now will open a new journey of intelligent manufacturing, just like the theme of this exhibition -- high-end cover, enjoy intelligent manufacturing!  We look forward to more intelligent cover technology solutions for the industry! 

Post time: Sep-23-2022