Horda domated money to poor students

Mr. Huang Zhigang donated money for poor students in mountainous areas.

On June 11th, on behalf of Mr. Huang Zhigang from Zhejiang Horda Intelligent Equipment CO.,INC. the Susong Century Network Charity Association held the donation ceremony of "Huang Zhigang Scholarship for Students in 2021" in Guangfu Junior High School.Chen Han Township People's Congress Chairman Liu Zaibing, Guangfu Middle School Principal Chen Shuilin attended the ceremony.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Mr. Chen Shuilin introduced Mr. Huang Zhigang and Horda Intelligent Equipment CO.,INC. and expressed his thanks to Mr. Huang Zhigang and Susong Century Network Charity Association.Mr. Huang Zhigang is an alumnus of Guangfu Junior High School in 1989. He has made great achievements in his career, but he does not forget his hometown. He has made selfless and generous contributions to the educational cause of his Alma mater.Since 2019, Mr. Huang Zhigang has been award-giving students from poor families who are excellent in academic performance to his Alma mater every year. His deep love for his hometown is admirable, his charitable heart is admirable, and his earnest return to his Alma mater is touching.


Later, Mr. Zhang Fei, Secretary of the Youth League Committee of the University, read out the list of students who had received the donation.Mr. Huang Zhigang, the representative of Susong Century Network Charity Association, was entrusted to distribute grants to the students.The student representative Zhang Qian expressed her heartfelt thanks to Mr. Huang Zhigang for his help. They will certainly cherish these opportunities, overcome all kinds of difficulties, study hard and become useful people!At the same time, Mr. Huang Zhigang gave encouragement to the children from Wenzhou, saying, "Youth is the starting point of dreams, dreams are the goal, dreams are the pursuit, I wish all the students through their unremitting efforts and pursuit, can dream come true, to be a useful talent to the society and the country!"


In the early stage of the activity, the Chen Han Liaison Station of New Century Forum Charity Association in Susong County visited and sorted out the list of assisted students and determined the list of assisted students.


Through this activity, students feel love and enlightenment, will be self-disciplined, and study hard !


Post time: Apr-29-2022