DK-170 Hole-Punching Machine

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Brand Horda
Product origin China
Delivery time 15 working days
Supply capacity 20sets

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DK-170 Hole-punching Machine is especially developed for punching lacing hole for luxurious gift box. This machine uses Japan imported drill, can finish 4 lacing holes punching at one time without burr and with high accuracy. It is the first choice for luxurious gift box manufacturer.

Product Details



(Not standard with machine, please choose freely according to actual needs):
1.Viscosity controller Can automatically add water and keep it at a stable viscosity value, good help for user without experience of using case maker.
2.Cold glue(white glue) system Equipped with a glue pump especially for cold glue use, can satisfy customer’s requirements of making various products.
3.Bottom-suction device Used at inner lining process, fitting for the products with the cover material easily scratched, bottom suction device feeds the board from bottom, can 100% avoid the scratches on product surface.

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