ZFM-700/900/1000/1350A Automatic Case Making Machine

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Brand Horda
Product origin China
Delivery time 15-30 working days
Supply capacity 20 sets
1.It can be used to make triangle,”s” shape,curve etc. Irregular shape products without any mould.
It makes production more effective, not only saves cost, but also saves time and energy.
2.The glue tank with heat preservating and automatic recycling fuction, saves energy fo 60% comparing with traditional glue tank.
3.The mechanical edge folding technolgy is to complete the four-side folding in one plane, whcih reduces the scratches and make the product nice and artistic.

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ZFM-700/900/1000/1350A Series Automatic Case Making Machine uses servo driving , photoelectric detecting, servo positioning and other new technologies as well. They can finish the processes of paper feeding, gluing, board feeding, positioning and four-side folding automatically with high accuracy, fast speed and high quality .It is the effective solution for customers of printing and packaging industry with high-volume production in producing the package for wines, cigarettes,moon cakes, tea, mobile phones, underwear, handicrafts, and cosmetics etc, making file folders,
calendars, and other hardcover books as well.The finished product size is as large as 1350x600mm.The positioning accuracy is up to ±0.2mm.The adjustment speed is as fast as 20~30 minutes.It can be used to make triangle, “S” shape, curve etc. irregular shape products without any mould. It makes production more effective, not only saves cost, but also saves time and energy.The glue tank with heat preservation and automatic recycling function, saves energy for 60% comparing with traditional glue tank.Adopting removable stainless steel glue tank, this design is very user-friendly. It's extremely convenient for operator to do cleaning, and saves labor & time.
Meanwhile, it's with thermal insulation layer, greatly reduce the energy consumption, and saves 60% ,more power compared with similar products
The maximum and minimum sizes of the covers are subjected to those of the paper and the quality of the paper. The production speed is 20-30 pieces per minute but it may be affected by the cover sizes and the material and quality of paper and board.
The electrical components are from Panasonic inverter and PLC which ensures stable and reliable performance.
The whole control system use a touch screen with operation menu so as to make operation convenient.Imported linear slide way ensures the machine performance with high accuracy and long-life service.The Panasonic Servo Motor is stable and accurate, which is used in board feeding, correcting & positioning and conveyor belt.The imported specific photo sensor ensures the accurate positioning.Japanese ORION vacuum pump with characteristics like long service life, no need add oil, and low noise.Tidy and high-class electric cabinet, adopts international brand electric components to ensure the machine works safely and stably.Taiwan AIRTAC pneumatic components is stable and reliable,and easy to in stall & maintain, which is long service life.

Product Details

A. Paper Feeder


The first enterprise in the industry to adopt professional feeder which is dedicated to printing machine. It makes adjustment convenient and fast, production in high speed, performance stable and reliable.

B. Gluing Unit


Paper conveying structure with automatic constant temperature heating function to prevent roller sticking paper caused by water vaper.

C. Board Feeding System


Cardboard feeding mechanism applies Japanese Panasonic servo system, which is not only high precision, fast, but also reliabl. Enhanced the board changing efficiency with the reasonable and humanized design.

D. Three Photoelectric Detection


It uses three sets of Germany LEUZE photoelectricdetecting systems which enables to control the positioning error range winthin ±0.2mm, and adopts four sets Japanese Panasonic servo motors which makes the maximum production speed 30 PCS/MIN.

E. Platform-based Folding System


The mechanical edge folding technology is to complete the four-side folding in one plane, whichreduces the scratches and make the product nice and artistic.

F. Collection


Automatic products collection system, reduces the labor greatly.


Main Configurations

Japanese Panasonic PLC, Frequency converter
Japanese Panasonic servo motor
Japanese NSK Bearings
Japanese ORION Vacuum Pump
Advanced wear-resistant automotive transmission shaft

French Schneider electric
Taiwan PMI Linear Slideway
Japanese CKD pneumatic element
German LEUCE photosensor
Airtac Pneumatic Component

Process Flow



(Not standard with machine, please choose freely according to actual needs):
1.Viscosity controller Can automatically add water and keep it at a stable viscosity value, good help for user without experience of using case maker.
2.Cold glue(white glue) system Equipped with a glue pump especially for cold glue use, can satisfy customer’s requirements of making various products.
3.Bottom-suction device Used at inner lining process, fitting for the products with the cover material easily scratched, bottom suction device feeds the board from bottom, can 100% avoid the scratches on product surface.
4.Soft Spine device It’s specially designed for hardcover book manufacturers.The minimum spine thickness:≥ 250g, minimum width: 15mm.

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